My Process

Ongoing Financial Planning and Investment Management Relationship

The “Why Are We Here?” and “What’s Important to You?” meetings outlined below are included in the free consultation to give you an idea of whether working together makes sense on an ongoing basis. The other meetings are what we would do next if you decide I would be a good fit to help you organize, simplify, and bring confidence to your life.

Your Ongoing Investment and Financial Planning Experience with Kindness Financial Planning

One-Time Hourly Financial Planning

For those interested in hourly financial planning, we have a 30-minute introductory call to see if we are a good fit for each other. Then, we begin working on what you want to accomplish.
The process below is not for one-time hourly engagements.

What Feels vs. Is Important Chart

Phase 1 - Are We the Right Fit?

Step 1 of Free Consultation

Initial Discussion –
“Why Are We Here?” Meeting

You know the form you complete before going to the doctor describing your areas of concern? This meeting is like that, but better. In your own words, you have the opportunity to answer the question, “what brought us together today?”, and I’m simply going to listen.

Through a 15-30 minute virtual call, I want you to tell me what is happening in your life, what challenges you are facing, and how you think I can help. I’ll share more about my background and give you an honest opinion about whether I think my style and expertise matches what you need.

If I am not a good fit, I’m happy to provide you with a referral to another professional.

Step 2 of Free Consultation

Exploration –
“What’s Important to You?” Meeting

If we decide after the 15-30 minute virtual call it makes sense to have another discussion, we will have a 60-90 minute meeting that is all about you. We’ll answer any urgent questions, explore what is important to you, and start to get a feel for what an ideal life looks like for you.

You’re investing your precious time with me. My goal is for everyone to come away having learned something new, discover something about themselves, or resources to help them find what they need.

Phase 2 - Connecting Your Ideal
Life to Your Financial Life

Step 3 of Free Consultation

Vision – 
“Dare to Dream” Meeting

We are going to deepen and find what should be prioritized in your life that brings you the most energy. Your plate is full. What is the most important? What have you not allowed yourself to do? 

Together, we are going to paint a picture of what a truly fulfilled life looks like for you.

Step 4 of Free Consultation

Obstacles –
“What Could Possibly Get in the Way?” Meeting

You have obstacles in your life. Some are new. Some have been there since the diagnosis or loss. Some you have not experienced yet. At times, it can feel like “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” It can be agonizing.

This meeting is about naming those hurdles and creating solutions to give you the energy you need to overcome them.

Step 5 of Free Consultation

Analysis and Roadmap –
“I Know Where I am Going” Meeting

I can’t provide an analysis or roadmap of what needs to be done until I know where you want to go. Once you have the vision and energy to live your most fulfilled life, we will connect your finances to your ideal life.

I’ll ask for your investment accounts, tax return, estate plan, insurance coverages, and other important financial documents.

Then, you’ll see your financial plan and one page roadmap for you to know exactly where you stand today and where we are going in the future.

Phase 3 - Implementation and Monitoring

Now that you have the energy and roadmap, I’ll be an accountability partner to help you prioritize what needs to be done today and what can wait. Since your urgent questions have already been answered, we’ll move on to other important planning topics. I’ll begin investing your accounts to align with your financial plan, and we’ll schedule a time for the next planning topic.

We’ll move at your pace. Remember, you are in control and the driver of your own life. I’m here to help you make the best, most informed decisions that fit your life. While I love spreadsheets and finding the “best financial decision”, sometimes the best decision is not the one that makes the most sense financially – it’s the one that feels best emotionally. You decide what’s best for you – not me or the numbers.

My job is to bring ideas to your attention to reduce taxes, strategize around giving to charities and heirs, find better ways to invest, create tax-efficient income, help you manage risk, and proactively help you feel secure in your financial life. Your job is to live your most ideal life knowing your financial life is being looked after.

Much like regular check ups or scans with your doctor, we’ll check in regularly. Regularly could mean four times a year, but it could also mean ten times in a month.

It depends on what is happening in your life, changes in the law, and what you need. You let me know as life changes or you have questions, and we’ll talk. And, I’ll let you know when I see something we need to discuss.

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