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“A nuclear bomb was detonated today for the first time in 200 years” screams the headlines.  The DOW Jones dropped 20%, hitting

A common question I am often asked is, “What should I do with an old annuity?”  Maybe you decided years ago that

My dad died in July of 2023.  These are the 9 lessons I learned about death and money during his 7 year

Deciding how to create a paycheck in retirement is one of the key decisions people often bring up to me in a

Health savings accounts (HSAs) are not only a powerful planning tool to pay for qualified medical expenses, you can also use your

Are you afraid that you may be paying too much in taxes? Although it’s close to the end of the year and

One of the most common questions I receive as a financial planner is, “Should I invest or pay off my mortgage?”  The

Have you started to emotionally prepare for retirement? If not, now may be the time. It’s not enough to only prepare financially. 

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