Write Your Own Obituary to Live Your Ideal Life

Write Your Own Obituary

When my uncle died while I was in high school, I remember family and friends dividing tasks for my aunt. One of the tasks, writing an obituary, became a team effort. While someone took the lead, multiple eyes read it before it was finished — each person adding or subtracting a few words.  There are […]

End of Life Lessons from My Mom

End of Life Lessons from My Mom

Elliott’s Note: After writing 9 Lessons I’ve Learned About Death and Money when my dad died, a reader said they would be curious to read an article from my mom’s perspective. They were interested in learning what would overlap and what would be distinct from a different generation.  I asked my mom if she wanted […]

Is It Different This Time?

Is It Different This TIme

“A nuclear bomb was detonated today for the first time in 200 years” screams the headlines.  The DOW Jones dropped 20%, hitting multiple circuit breakers where trading was temporarily halted.  People are panic-buying household goods, including toilet paper, water, and staples like rice and beans.  It’s inevitable that the war will drag on, stocks will […]

What to Do With An Old Annuity: 6 Options

What To Do With An Old Annuity

A common question I am often asked is, “What should I do with an old annuity?”  Maybe you decided years ago that it made sense to buy an annuity, were sold one without fully understanding it, or you had an agent explain it poorly to you.  People often buy an annuity, leave it for a […]

9 Lessons I’ve Learned About Death and Money

9 Lessons I've Learned About Death and Money

My dad died in July of 2023.  These are the 9 lessons I learned about death and money during his 7 year battle with Stage IV Lung Cancer, increased cognitive impairment, relapse after 20 plus years of being sober, his death, and life post-death. As a financial planner, I’m privileged to be alongside people as […]

How to Create a Paycheck in Retirement: 5 Steps to Follow

How to Create a Paycheck in Retirement

Deciding how to create a paycheck in retirement is one of the key decisions people often bring up to me in a first meeting.  When you work for thirty or more years and are used to a regular paycheck, it can feel daunting not knowing where your next paycheck will come from. Most people will […]

How to Use Your HSA in Retirement

How to Use Your HSA in Retirement

Health savings accounts (HSAs) are not only a powerful planning tool to pay for qualified medical expenses, you can also use your HSA in retirement. HSAs are triple tax-advantaged. You get a tax deduction for contributions, pay no taxes on earnings, and can withdraw money tax-free for qualified medical expenses.  Whether you are early in […]

2023 Year-End Tax Planning Checklist

2023 Year-End Tax Planning Checklist

Are you afraid that you may be paying too much in taxes? Although it’s close to the end of the year and tax planning should be year-round, don’t be the person who finds out in 2024 that they paid the IRS too much for 2023! If you haven’t done any tax planning for 2023 yet, […]

Should I Invest or Pay Off My Mortgage?

Should I Invest or Pay Off My Mortgage

One of the most common questions I receive as a financial planner is, “Should I invest or pay off my mortgage?”  The “right answer” depends on the person.  For some people, paying off the mortgage instead of investing makes more sense. For others, investing is a better option.  There are many factors to consider. Plus, […]