9 Lessons I’ve Learned About Death and Money

9 Lessons I've Learned About Death and Money

My dad died in July of 2023.  These are the 9 lessons I learned about death and money during his 7 year battle with Stage IV Lung Cancer, increased cognitive impairment, relapse after 20 plus years of being sober, his death, and life post-death. As a financial planner, I’m privileged to be alongside people as […]

Should I Invest or Pay Off My Mortgage?

Should I Invest or Pay Off My Mortgage

One of the most common questions I receive as a financial planner is, “Should I invest or pay off my mortgage?”  The “right answer” depends on the person.  For some people, paying off the mortgage instead of investing makes more sense. For others, investing is a better option.  There are many factors to consider. Plus, […]

How to Emotionally Prepare for Retirement

How to Emotionally Prepare for Retirement

Have you started to emotionally prepare for retirement? If not, now may be the time. It’s not enough to only prepare financially.  I’ve met people who have prepared financially for retirement and found the beginning part of retirement a challenge because they didn’t prepare emotionally.  Retirement is one of the few events in life where […]

27 Retirement Planning Mistakes People Make That You May Regret

27 Retirement Planning Mistakes People Make That You May Regret

Retirement is an exciting milestone!  Many look forward to it, eager to experience weeks without work and time to do as they please. They’ve worked decades, and now, want to enjoy the fruits of their labor. You get one opportunity to retire well.  If you don’t, you may need to head back to work.  These […]

How to Create a Digital Estate Plan – 3 Steps You Can Take

How to Create a Digital Estate Plan

Let’s run through a scenario: you are driving home tomorrow and are hit by a reckless driver. You die on the spot.  What happens to your digital assets? Do you have a digital estate plan? How do your family or friends access it?  I’ve helped people pick up the pieces after a death and know […]

What is Life Planning?

What is Life Planning

Does it ever feel like your money is disconnected from your ideal life and what you value?  In my experience, our money is often put on autopilot, which can be a good thing to a certain extent, but if you never come back to what your money can do for you, you may be missing […]

What Is It Like Working With a Virtual Financial Planner?

Virtual Financial Planner

What is it like working with a virtual financial planner? For many people, it can be a new experience. They may be used to going into their financial planner’s downtown office, in a crowded city, with cramped parking, and rush hour traffic.  The office may be a little too sterile or fancy, devoid of any […]

2023 Financial Planning New Year’s Checklist

2023 Financial Planning New Year Checklist

You’re retired, and it’s the start of 2023. What is on your financial planning New Year’s checklist? Instead of waiting until the end of the year, getting too busy in summer, or ignoring it during tax time, take a few moments to go through this financial planning new year checklist to potentially put yourself in […]

How to Talk to Adult Kids About Money and Inheritances

How to Talk to Adult Kids About Money and Inheritances

I’ve heard and seen many families make mistakes about inheritances, estate plans, and talking about money.  Unfortunately, money is a taboo topic in most families.  Parents might say, “We are doing fine.” They might also say, “Yes, we prepared for long-term care”, without actually understanding what it means to be prepared.  Adult kids are thinking […]