Helpful widow resources to guide you in navigating grief,
financial planning strategies, and more.

How to Manage Your Resources as a Widow

Whether you are recently widowed or have been widowed for more than a decade, learn about the 6 decisions you may face and ideas to help navigate them.

Hear directly from widows about the decisions they had to navigate, how they lived with grief, and the wisdom of what they want you to know after reflecting back on their experience.

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Widows/Widowers & Money - Facebook Group

Join a community for people like you.

This is for widows/widowers only. 

An open and kind place for you to ask questions and connect with other widows.

Have a financial question? Want to feel more in control around your finances? Not sure where to start?

Moderated by a financial coach and me, as a financial planner.

We want you to feel comfortable in your financial life.

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More Than Money: Real Life Stories of Financial Planning is a collection of surprising and inspiring true stories that reveal how real clients applied financial planning to derive tangible results that changed their lives.

These stories show how well-thought-out, personalized, and high-touch financial planning can truly impact lives for the better.

My contribution tells the story of Sara and Leo. They came to me when Leo was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer and details the relationship we developed as Leo battled cancer. It lets you into the world of what it is like trying to live life to the fullest while dealing with the struggles of a terminal disease and trying to prepare their finances for a world when Leo dies. I’m privileged to share the gifts Sara and Leo gave each other, as well as me.

Financial planning is More Than Money.

Money Lessons for Change: What They Should Have Taught You in School is a book meant for people in their 20s and 30s to learn the money lessons that can set them on a better financial course in life.

This book exists because I kept receiving the question from clients, “What resources would you recommend for my kid or grandchild?”

I had a few resources, but not enough. So, I created the book in response to that question. 

If you have a younger person in your life that you care about, this book is for them (and you, if you want to read it!).

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