Is It Different This Time?

Is It Different This TIme

“A nuclear bomb was detonated today for the first time in 200 years” screams the headlines.  The DOW Jones dropped 20%, hitting multiple circuit breakers where trading was temporarily halted.  People are panic-buying household goods, including toilet paper, water, and staples like rice and beans.  It’s inevitable that the war will drag on, stocks will […]

What to Do With An Old Annuity: 6 Options

What To Do With An Old Annuity

A common question I am often asked is, “What should I do with an old annuity?”  Maybe you decided years ago that it made sense to buy an annuity, were sold one without fully understanding it, or you had an agent explain it poorly to you.  People often buy an annuity, leave it for a […]

Should I Invest or Pay Off My Mortgage?

Should I Invest or Pay Off My Mortgage

One of the most common questions I receive as a financial planner is, “Should I invest or pay off my mortgage?”  The “right answer” depends on the person.  For some people, paying off the mortgage instead of investing makes more sense. For others, investing is a better option.  There are many factors to consider. Plus, […]

Tax-Loss Harvesting – Rules and Examples of a Year-Round Strategy

Tax-Loss Harvesting - Rules and Examples of a Year-Round Strategy

The stock market going down is a natural part of investing. When an investment goes down in value, there are silver linings.  One of the silver linings is that you may be able to use a strategy called tax-loss harvesting, where you sell an investment for a loss in a brokerage account.  The benefit of […]

Why the Dow Doesn’t Matter

Why The Dow Doesn't Matter

“The Dow dropped 1,000 points!”, screams the television financial reporter. So, what?  I don’t know why financial reporters, analysts, and the financial industry continues to reference the Dow Jones. It’s not relevant for many people.  There are more meaningful ways to measure stock market performance and what is happening in the economy than moves in […]

Should I Buy An Annuity?

Should I Buy An Annuity

In the financial planning world, annuities can feel like a dirty word.  They are an extremely polarizing topic. Some people shout from the mountain tops about their benefits while others say never to buy an annuity.  You might hear phrases like, “Annuities have high fees” or “I bought an annuity for the high guaranteed rate.” […]

How Much Cash Should I Have in Retirement?

How Much Cash Should I Have in Retirement

One of the common questions I receive from people approaching retirement or people in retirement is, “How much cash should I have in retirement?”  After many decades of saving and investing, it can be a strange experience going the other way. You’ve been taught to save and save, and now you have to start spending […]

Do I Need International Stocks?

Do I Need International Stocks

“Do I need international stocks?” is a common question that is heard after strong returns in US markets.  People start asking, “Can I just invest in the S&P 500?” or “Should I only own US stocks?” Depending on the time period and who you are talking to, you will hear very different responses.  Some people […]

What is Asset Location and How Can It Reduce Taxes?

What is Asset Location

While asset allocation often gets the most attention (and for good reason), asset location is less talked about. Let’s change it. Asset location comes into play after you determine your asset allocation. Asset location is a tax strategy. While it may seem complicated at first, once you know the basics, it becomes easier.  Let’s dive […]

Stock Market Decline Silver Linings

Stock Market Decline Silver Linings

Stock market declines don’t have to be full of bad news. There are stock market decline silver linings and potential opportunities you can take advantage of during a market decline.  I know it’s not enjoyable to watch your investment portfolio decline in value, feel like the economy is on shaky ground, and wonder when prices […]