What Is It Like Working With a Virtual Financial Planner?

Virtual Financial Planner

What is it like working with a virtual financial planner? For many people, it can be a new experience. They may be used to going into their financial planner’s downtown office, in a crowded city, with cramped parking, and rush hour traffic.  The office may be a little too sterile or fancy, devoid of any […]

2023 Financial Planning New Year’s Checklist

2023 Financial Planning New Year Checklist

You’re retired, and it’s the start of 2023. What is on your financial planning New Year’s checklist? Instead of waiting until the end of the year, getting too busy in summer, or ignoring it during tax time, take a few moments to go through this financial planning new year checklist to potentially put yourself in […]

Cybersecurity Statistics in 2024 and Tips to Protect Yourself Online

Cybersecurity Statistics in 2024 - Tips to Protect Yourself Online

Protecting yourself online has never been more important. With more of your personal information online and cybersecurity attacks on the rise, it’s important to understand what cybersecurity risks exist and how you can protect yourself online.  It’s estimated that cybercrime causes $6 trillion worth of damage annually.  Even more startling, an FBI agent who investigates […]

How to Simplify Your Finances and Why It Can Be Life Changing for Loved Ones

How to Simplify Your Finances

We all eventually die.  Sometimes, you know when it is coming. Other times, it is a surprise.  The grief and transition is never easy. Emotions come in waves. Nobody told you the endless paperwork you would have to do. Just when you think it’s done, something else pops up.  We plan for many things in […]